Student Organization Registration 2023-2024

  • 早鸟登记: 6月26日星期一至7月3日星期一.
  • 2023 - 2024年注册: 7月10日星期一至9月1日星期五.
  • 秋季学期开始:星期一,8月21日.
  • 学生组织只会 register ONCE for the 2023-2024 academic year.
  • Registration will only take place in the Fall Semester of each year. We will not register organizations in the Spring. 如果一个组织错过了截止日期, 新的或现有的, you must schedule a meeting with a Student Organization Consultant, and we will approve or deny on a case-by-case basis.
  • If you have any changes to your organization throughout the year (officer’s stepping down, 新顾问, 等.), we ask that you update your organization’s information in RoadrunnerLink. If you need assistance in updating your information, please email (电子邮件保护). Not doing this will result in your student organization becoming inactive. A meeting with a Student Organization Consultant will need to happen in order to become registered again.
  • A new student organization created by a transfer or new student to 密歇根州立大学丹佛 will be allowed to register after the registration deadline.
  • 任何组织, 新的或现有的, that registers before the deadline and is denied will have an opportunity to fix their registration, 通常每. Please schedule a time with Student Organization Consultants by emailing (电子邮件保护) 在这个过程中寻求帮助.

It is highly recommended that new and existing student organizations register during early bird registration if you plan to table events or begin student organization activities early in the school year.

Why You Should 参加学生组织anization

Metropolitan State University of 丹佛 has over 85 学生组织 whose focuses range from academic to social. It is likely there is a student organization that fits your interests. If you can’t find an org that excites you, it is easy to start your own.


Being a part of a student organization is a great way to:

  • 参与
  • 满足人们
  • 培养领导能力
  • 玩得开心
  • 提升专业经验
  • 网络

The Center for 多元文化的接触 and Inclusion (CMEI) is here to help connect you with our student organizations community. The CMEI staff provides administrative and accounting support to student organizations at 密歇根州立大学丹佛. We are here to help you register your organization and assist in the process along the way. Our dedicated staff is also available to help new organizations get started and connected with various resources across campus.

密歇根州立大学丹佛 students celebrating graduating by throwing their graduation caps in the air

Students who participate in a student organization have a higher average GPA (3.32 GPA) than students that don’t participate (2.(平均绩点86).




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Laci Gonzalez interviewing 密歇根州立大学丹佛 volleyball player Ember Canty.







Joining a student organization is as simple as a couple of clicks! RoadrunnerLink is where all of our registered student organization profiles are located. Each individual profile will have instructions on how to officially join the organization along with contact information for the officers and advisor of the organization. Take some time to research the various organizations at 密歇根州立大学丹佛 on RoadrunnerLink and find your community by joining an organization today!

  • 签署 RoadrunnerLink.
  • 点击组织.
  • Filter organizations by category or search for a specific organization.
  • Click on the organization’s profile for general information, meeting times, and upcoming events.
  • 如果感兴趣, you can request to join an organization or contact their officers for more information.



找不到合适的公司? Start your own organization and become a part of the vibrant and dynamic 密歇根州立大学丹佛 community! Starting a new student organization is a wonderful way to add to the diverse 密歇根州立大学丹佛 community. Our dedicated student organizations staff from the Center of 多元文化的接触 and Inclusion is here to help you get the process started in developing and registering your own student organization.

Center for 多元文化的接触 and Inclusion (CMEI)

问题? 接触CMEI






Monday-Friday 8 am-5pm





校园信箱39号,P.O. 科罗拉多州丹佛市173362号信箱80217-3362


If you’d like to schedule a meeting, click this link. 谢谢你!!